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Comprehensive Eye Examination: What is it, and why should I have it every year?

A comprehensive eye examination consists of a series of tests designed to gather data and observe the health of the eyes to ensure that there is no development of eye disease. In addition, the doctor will work with you to arrive at a prescription for glasses, if necessary, for your most comfortable and clear vision. If contact lenses are desired, those services also may be performed at the time of the comprehensive eye exam.

Yearly comprehensive eye exams can diagnose a variety of eye conditions and are the best way to preserve good vision. Many eye diseases have no symptoms at all, and patients might go years without knowing that damage is occurring. Early detection and treatment are key in preventing permanent loss of vision.

Patients with special circumstances, like the presence of diabetes, high blood pressure, or a history of eye diseases in the family, might require exams more often than yearly. These exams go beyond a simple refractive exam to ensure that their eyes are not being permanently damaged. Again, many eye diseases have no visual symptoms but still may result in permanent vision loss. Don’t skip your yearly eye exam. Call our office at 713-520-6600 for an appointment.